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The Forex market: $5.3 trillion daily turnover (reached in April 2013, according to BIS), millions of traders, thousands of banks, hundreds of brokers and… too many scammers. The task of is to take care of the “too many scammers” part and they’re doing a praiseworthy job. If you think “praiseworthy” is too big, let me assure you it’s not, because being scammed is one of the worst money-related feelings you could experience. On top of losing your money, you will also have a gut-wrenching feeling of being laughed at by a scammer who puts an evil smirk on his face while counting your money. Unfortunately I was in that situation a long time ago and let me tell you: if someone helps you avoid that feeling… they are praiseworthy.

When Forex online trading hit the mainstream retail sector, a regulated brokerage was rather hard to come by and scams were a big part of the industry. But fortunately for traders, there were and still are guys willing to put in the hard work of exposing and bashing scammers or unprofessional brokers. History repeats itself and almost the same scenario is now developing with the new prodigy of online trading: Binary Options. Just how takes care of the Forex traders’ well being, does the same for binaries and, believe me, we have our work cut out for us. Regulation in the Binary Options industry is harder to come by than water in the Sahara desert and an honest brokerage company is a rare bird. Sure, there are honest and reliable brokers out there and it is our job to separate the good from the bad and steer traders towards professional brokers.


Wanted: Binary Options Brokers That Don’t Suck

A long time scam and fraud fighter is They are considered one of the best website when it comes to digging deep to find all the trash that some brokers try to hide under the rug. Moreover, they are among the first to offer traders a place to make their voices heard and read real reviews written by other traders before depositing with a broker. We all know that avoiding a scam is better and easier than getting your money back afterwards so it’s a good idea to visit the websites mentioned and get informed about the broker you want to do business with.

Websites like, and are too few these days. Did you notice how many review websites are out there? The number is huge but most of them don’t actually have an opinion: according to their reviews, almost all brokers are “very good” and they offer you the possibility to “maximize your profits”. Yea, that’s not very helpful for a trader… might as well go on the broker’s website and read the same thing, no need for a review. And that’s where we come in: we bring you straightforward answers to your questions, informative articles and most importantly, honest, opinionated reviews.

Of course, just finding a good broker doesn’t guarantee your trading success – although it’s a big part of it – so we also take care of educating traders and making them understand that Binary Options trading is more than just what brokers teach: “Trading is easy: choose direction and press Call or Put”. We bring you a very complex trading School, which was built with focus towards the new trader who doesn’t know how to “choose direction” and it’s our job at to teach you. Battle-hardened veterans will also find expert strategies and tools to suit their more advanced needs and on top of that, everybody can share their experience and knowledge on our constantly growing Forum. Furthermore, once you’ve “graduated” from our School, you can test your newly acquired skills on our social trading platform, CommuniTraders.


Frauds And Scammers, Beware!

As you see, we offer you the complete package: you can find a trusted, reliable broker, report scams or learn how to avoid them, educate yourselves in the art of trading and interact with other traders. I really don’t want this article to turn into a sales pitch, but I am sure you see the need for honesty in this industry and the best place to find it is on, and I just hope that someday we will be able to focus completely on sharpening our trading skills, without having to worry about dodging scammers and money-hunting brokers.

About community was created to find and track down Binary Options scammers and crooks, whether they are brokers or other product providers. Our dedicated team’s main goal is to provide a safe environment for all Binary Options traders, Educate traders for successful trading, and to maintain a live forum for discussions, ideas sharing and Anti Scam purposes. BOTS – because even the best brokers suck sometimes.

Start Smart with Anti Scam Community

Binary Options Sucks


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