When Is It The Right Time To Buy Cryptocurrency

Nigel Frith
Cryptocurrencies made as physical coins

Cryptocurrency has been a topic of discussion over the last few years. There are many stories of people investing in it throughout the early 2000s and becoming millionaires overnight when it suddenly increased in value during the previous three to five years. Many people are also looking into instructional books and a detailed guide for beginners on how to buy cryptocurrency because of its popularity.

If you are relatively new to the market scene, there are many things you need to know first before you venture into buying or investing in cryptocurrency.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

First, you need to be acquainted with what cryptocurrency is. In simple terms, it is digital money used in today’s digital age. Just like regular money, you can use cryptocurrency to buy things. One of the differences between regular money and cryptocurrency is that the latter is managed by a network of computers running open-source code. The value of cryptocurrency also varies depending on its supply and demand, that is why many people are investing in it like stocks. You can buy things with cryptocurrency if a particular merchant accepts this type of payment.

Cryptocurrency Prices on a Trading Screen

When Should You Buy Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency trading involves a lot of analytical and personal decisions, and that includes the time you should buy cryptocurrencies. Trading is just like any financial decision, and it is based on many factors. It is best to buy a cryptocurrency when you have already done your homework. It is not recommended to go on buying cryptocurrencies blindly.

Since it is a highly volatile market, the risks involved are also very high. You must understand these two aspects:

  • Understanding The Market – Just like buying regular stocks in the stock market, you need to be able to listen to the market without getting carried away by external forces around you. As a cryptocurrency trader, knowing the opinion of other people is a great way to help you decide regarding the right time to buy. You need to understand what affects the market of cryptocurrency, and how what happens around you affects its price. You must remember that the downside of listening to expert opinions is that it is not 100 percent accurate at all times.
  • Looking At Trends – Cryptocurrencies also follow a pattern. Patterns help you decide when you should buy or when you should make your next investment to reap maximum profits. You should be able to study the changes and identify inconsistencies in the trends. The rise and fall of prices are significant in a volatile market. Most of the time, market trends will start slowly and gradually pick up as more people identify their potential or are pulled into the hype. After they reach an all-time high, it is most likely that a violent reversal will follow. You need to look at cues in the trends so that you will know what the best time to buy is.

Once you learn the basics of understanding the trends and the market surrounding cryptocurrencies, you can then learn about strategies:

  • You Buy Low – Given the volatility of cryptocurrency, it is almost inevitable that prices will eventually fall at some point. You must take advantage of this fall in prices and make your purchases quickly. It is a common strategy to invest in the market when the value of the currency is low. Many experts think that this strategy is based on the thinking that whatever comes down will eventually go up. However, you will not automatically know when the price will rise. You can predict by studying the trends, but these are only predictions and not assurances.
  • You Buy For Long-Term Investment – This is another popular buying strategy that many people use in the world of cryptocurrency. For this strategy, you buy at whatever the price of the currency might be on that day, and hold the currency as long as you can or until the prices start to rise. When you employ this strategy, you get a feel for how the market affects the price by getting as much information as you can. This strategy helps you build your own opinion on when to buy and when to sell for maximum profit. During the time you are holding the currency, be ready to experience some losses because of market volatility.


Cryptocurrencies are increasing in popularity day by day, and people are starting to learn more about their mechanism. Many people ask about when is a good time to buy cryptocurrencies. There is no definite answer to that question. There are varying expert opinions on the best time to start investing in the digital currency. The best time to buy cryptocurrency is based on your strategy or the current market trends. It is vital that before you buy cryptocurrency, you educate yourself on how it works, and learn about the past market trends to understand it better.