• Bilal Jafar
    Bilal Jafar

    Bilal Jafar is a Forex Educator with FXTM. Holding a MBA in Finance from the Institute of Business & Management, and has over eight years of experience in the financial markets.

  • Christian MacLeod
    Christian MacLeod

    At a young age, Christian and his family relocated to New York from Florida, swapping the Sunshine State he had grown up in for the buzz of the City That Never Sleeps. Having graduated from New York University specializing in behavioural and experimental finance, Christian turned down an offer from a top financial institution to pursue his dream of working with smaller, local firms. In writing for Forex Fraud, Christian’s main interest is in raising awareness of High Yield Investment Programme (HYIP) schemes and he often writes about the dangers of their appeal and how best to spot them. Christian lives by the phrase: “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Though he will admit that part of him still hopes to find the perfect dream investment someday. When he does, he looks forward to buying his own piece of Caribbean heaven and moving his entire family there. Among several interests, including escaping back to the beach on occasion, Christian is heavily involved in a local community outreach programme that aims to raise financial awareness in less affluent neighbourhoods.

  • Harvey Johnson
    Harvey Johnson

    Harvey is our resident cryptocurrency expert and is on a mission to know everything about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Montero, Ripple and whatever else this emerging and evolving industry can come up with. He is at his happiest when rooting out new digital trends and gets a genuine thrill out of anticipating what new fraud opportunities they may bring and how best to counteract them. Harvey describes the internet as not only a space in which fraudsters can operate but also the best tool with which to combat fraud, with its ability to facilitate sound research, disseminate genuine advice and make reliable information as accessible as possible. Harvey cites the film The Matrix as the spark that ignited his interest in this field, and he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of classic cinema to rival his cryptocurrency pedigree. He holds an MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis and is passionate about sharing his expertise with others, having begun his writing career on a dizzying array of online forums before joining ForexFraud.com. In his spare time Harvey enjoys coding his own computer games and training for long distance runs. If he’s not at his computer you may find him running up and down San Francisco’s famous Lyon Street Steps or at the Kezar Stadium, forever trying to set a new personal best.

  • Jay Hawk
    Jay Hawk

    Jay has a long history as a freelancer writer and a background in the financial markets. Starting out in the Banking industry in the early eighties. He actively manages trading accounts and write technical and fundamental market analyses. He also test trading platforms and write forex broker reviews.

  • Justin Freeman
    Justin Freeman

    Justin is an active trader with more than 20-years’ industry experience of working for big banks and hedge funds. He has an inside knowledge of how the financial markets work, thanks to roles including trader on a $750m Event-Arbitrage desk and CRO and COO of hedge funds running a variety of strategies. From stat-arb and trend-following CTA to fixed-income relative value. Firm’s he has worked at include big banks like Citi, and prominent hedge funds including D. E. Shaw and Millennium Capital Management.

  • Karen Miller
    Karen Miller

    Karen is probably our staunchest champion of combating foreign exchange fraud, with interests in every related area. She is one of our most regular contributors and no scam is too big or too small for Karen’s attention. She works tirelessly in her personal and professional life to shine light on the individuals responsible for fraud, rather than just trying to avoid the schemes themselves. Karen is an avid follower of new government measures to combat fraud and has a comprehensive network of contacts within the field. Karen has a background in banking, corporate and finance law, having attended the Fordham University School of Law in New York. She still lives in New York and has worked for some of the biggest and most recognisable names in the sector, gaining a wealth of expertise and experience over the years. Karen admits to not having a huge amount of spare time, and much of the time she does have is spent reading and posting on sites dedicated to exposing scams of all kinds, not just forex fraud. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she spends what little downtime she has reading and watching crime thrillers and biographies with her French Bulldog Columbo.

  • Rebecca Sachs
    Rebecca Sachs

    Hailing from a medical family, Rebecca broke the mould by pursuing a career in corporate finance law, attaining one of the highest final scores at the University of Westminster. Rebecca is close with her two sisters, one of whom is a qualified psychiatrist while the other is studying for a career in psychotherapy. The interest in the mind clearly runs in the family and Rebecca uses her own curiosity in this area when investigating and trying to counteract financial fraud, intrigued by the thought processes of both scammers and victims alike. Perhaps this is why Rebecca’s greatest interest lies in Ponzi schemes and the mentality behind them. Being keen to broaden her experience in the field, Rebecca began as an avid reader of ForexFraud.com and only recently joined our team of writers after following and then striking up a friendship with one of our other contributors, Karen Miller. Much of Rebecca’s free time is spent with her son and husband in their Hertfordshire home. They enjoy walks along the river and hope to add a dog to their family soon. Rebecca’s husband is a professional writer and it was his encouragement that pushed Rebecca to try her hand at sharing her expertise, and apparently stresses that we have him to thank for our most recent addition to the team.

  • Steve Miley
    Steve Miley

    Steve’s career in the financial markets started over 25 years ago. During that time period he has held many prestigious positions including the position as Director of the FX Technical Analysis Research Strategy team at Credit Suisse. He has also won several awards by the Technical Analysis Magazine, for example 2012 winner of Best FX Research and Strategy and in 2012 - 2016 he was finalist in The Technical Analyst of the Year. On ForexFraud.com he contributes with Technical analysis of major currency pairs as well as other editorial advise.

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  • Tom Cleveland
    Tom Cleveland

    Tom Cleveland has a career in financial markets spanning over 40 years. He was a CFO for different Visa International entities between 1980 and 1999. Since then he has continued work in different payment companies and as a consulting editor in the financial sector. For the past years he has contributed with articles about the forex market and about forex fraud and scams in particular for ForexFraud.com.

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